Claremont Graduate University CGU MSFE Program 2012 Application Thread

Hey Guys. I just got an email from them asking for an interview a few hours ago. Since there is no other for the 2012 applicants, I decided to start one. Feel free to comment.
Personally, I would love to hear from others who have received the invitation. Additionally, it would be great if past students can share some of the questions being asked.
Based on the tracker, it appears that not every admitted students are interviewed? So getting an interview is a little bitter sweet for me - I also applied to top programs. This could mean I don't stand much of a chance. :(

Nola Wanta

Director, MSFE & MBA
Hi FEnzo. It's a good thing to be invited for an interview, for us at least. Our interviews are based on character and fit (think behavioral questions), so my advice is simply be yourself. I'm sure others will comment on some of the questions we have asked. Don't worry we won't ask you technical questions. Not for this round anyway. :)


Quant Headhunter
As someone who works on people after Nola's team has finished educating them, I'm interesting in the interview based upon "character"; we do stuff like that because ideally we'd like to find people who'd fit into a given team but i'd be interested in what sort of things you look for, I'd really hope they were quite different.

Nola Wanta

Director, MSFE & MBA
Absolutely, DominiConnor. Not only do we look for students who can succeed academically, but also be marketable to folks such as yourself and other employers. We include Jason from our office of Career Management in the interview process to provide some perspective. We look for students who are able to express themselves and work in a team. More importantly, we look for candidates who can clearly describe their career path (at least why like/love finance) and how the FE program can help them reach their goals.
Hi Nola,
I also applied to Drucker this year, round 2, but I haven't heard anything about an interview yet. Does this mean that my chance is pretty slim?