Greetings all,

I am trying to choose between CGU MFE and BU MSMF and could use some insight from folks with direct knowledge of these two programs. First, some context re. what I hope to get from the program. Right now I am targeting a career in asset management, but want the flexibility to pursue other areas of quant finance - e.g. fintech - if I decide that is a better path. I am flexible about geography post-graduation, but have a preference for NYC, SF, or Tokyo.

BU on paper would seem like a clear choice - it is more highly ranked, is closer to potential employers, and has a wider variety of specialized course offerings. However, CGU appears to provide a much better environment for really getting to know the professors and vice-versa. I have seen first-hand how one can be very anonymous in large 100+ student classes, with almost zero student-professor or even student-student collaboration. Some of BU's reviews mention endemic cheating in the program, which is sometimes characteristic of 'academia at scale' and not the kind of culture I'm looking for. CGU has a few negative reviews as well, but the sample size is small.

So, for folks who know the BU program - what is the learning culture like? Do students help each other? Do professors know your name, and do they take an active interest in students when it comes to finding job opportunities, research ideas, etc? Lastly, some reviews complain about the overly theoretical nature of the curriculum, is this still a problem?

For folks who know the CGU program - did you find that the smaller size and more personalized experience helped outweigh the obstacles of the socal location, relatively fewer course offerings, etc? Post-graduation, did you feel the CGU degree helped open doors?

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