CMU MSCF CMU MSCF interview invites?

Nikhil Vijay

New Member
Good luck everyone for the result day. Would anyone know if both accepts and reject will be able to check the status on portal or accept will receive congratulatory email and rejects will be asked to check the status on portal (like MIT)?
Did you receive an reject from MIT today? Did they give you a call or was it through an email?

Lily L

C++ Student
I'm in!!!

Guys check your application portal. I did not receive an email but result has been updated.

Andy Nguyen

Congrats to those who got in.
Just a quick reminder that it's massively useful for all of our audience if you can spend a few minutes to add your timelines to the Tracker. Not just for the CMU program, but for all other programs that you applied.
The aggregate data is very important for current and future applicants.
Thanks again for those who already did so.