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CMU MSCF CMU MSCF interview invites?


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C++ Student
How much gap in terms of the number of days is there since the invitation for interview to the day of interview?
The gap can vary, since many schools provide a range of available interview appointments for you to reserve. Range is often min = days to max = 3-4 weeks. . .


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last year they did them on kind of a rolling basis (within the window of round). one admit received invite shortly before the notification date for that round if that helps.
submitted by the normal 10th Dec deadline. I presume they are still sending out invites.
Can you tell how many days it took for you to get the interview mail after getting the mail with the subject - "MSCF Application Update" saying your application is now complete and is under review?


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Just curious, is CMU still sending out invites?
Well based on last year's comments, it seems interview invites were still being sent pretty late in February. Given that only one person has acknowledges getting the invite on this thread, I was assuming they were probably still sending out invites.

Fuzhong Zhou

C++ Student
There are still few information on the invitation from CMU this year, combined with the fact that ppl still received their invitations late in Feb last year, we still have chances. However, the waiting is still extremely worrisome.