CMU MSCF CMU MSCF Pittsburgh vs NYC Campus

While filling the application for CMU MSCF program, it asks us for a `Preferred Program Location` between New York Campus and Pittsburgh Campus.
Does anybody know if you are only considered for the campus choice selected by you, i.e. if I chose Full-Time MSCF (NYU Campus) as my preferred option, will I be considered for admissions to the Pittsburgh Campus as well, in case the NYU Campus doesn't have any more vacancies?
Also does the choice of campus have any impact on the admission process? Has there been a historically preferred choice amongst applicants and will applying to the other campus increase the chances of admission?
Hey @daxabooi, check out this thread, which could be of help: CMU MSCF - CMU MSCF - NYC v/s PA

From the presentations, the feel that I got was "there is no difference" in terms of how they select their students, if one puts NY versus Pittsburgh campuses. The biggest parallel I can make of it would be the selection process at Oxbridge. When applying there, you had to choose one specific college. You could try to figure out which college was arbitrarily less selective than others, at the expense of less aesthetic amenities whilst studying there. If you weren't picked for that specific college (fixed number of spots per college, more or less), you were then placed in the "pool" of other candidates, and other colleges looked at your profile. You could either get a spot at another college (same program you applied for, obviously) or get dinged.

Overall, I'd think they consider you for both campuses. At the end of the day, they won't pass on a stellar applicant just because they don't have enough spots on one campus. But again, don't take my word on this.

Hope this helps!
Thanks marcusaurelius. I had taken a look at the other thread, but this specific point wasn't discussed which is why I started a new thread.
In the application they mention "We will consider your application for the program location you select here. If admitted, we may not be able to switch the location to which you have been admitted so it is important to consider at which location you will be most successful."
Seeing the first line it looks like they will only consider the applicant for the location selected by them? But I also agree with your point that they wouldn't pass on a strong applicant just because of the location. Seems ambiguous.

Happy to hear if anybody else has some knowledge or opinions on this.
I raised this question to the admissions department and this is the response I received.

"All candidates have an equal chance of admission regardless of location and commonly get admitted to attend the location of their choice. There are instances where a candidate is admitted but we don't have room at a particular location so they will receive an admission offer to the other location but this is rare. All that said, candidates are usually not denied admission simply because their preferred location is full."

Basically the location shouldn't make a difference on the admissions and is a personal preference. Hopefully this is helpful for anybody with the same question.