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CMU MSCF CMU vs. Berkeley for Finance Undergrads

Which program is better for finance undergrad with no full time experience?

  • CMU

  • Berkeley

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I got ad from Berkeley, and just interviewed with Rick (they will release results 20th this month).

Specifically, I want to get some inputs on which is better for fresh finance undergrad. I am still in college and coming from a pure finance background. I really hated endless pitching and really love technical stuffs-- that's why I decided to switch. I had little exposure to quant finance before and now I am pretty open to choices in the future.


Both programs have their pros and cons.
it really depends on you..
I've looked at their curriculum, it seems that CMU's is a little more technical. And it's on the east coast, closer to NYC. location is pretty important given that both are 1-year program which means you would need to start job hunting months after the program started.

on the other hand, UCB has more derivative pricing courses under risk neutral assumptions.
And the program starts in March so it means you'll need to go through more troubles cuz you probably need to find a job to kill this 10 month gap. Then you would have full time work exp so after grad school you would have a better starting point compared with other fresh grads.