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CMU Workshops

Hey all,

I was looking through CMU's webpage for Dan and I came across the workshops that CMU gives. I thought it would be interesting to post this here. Maybe we can get some ideas for other workshops that we don't currently have.


Throughout the year, the COC will offer an impressive variety of workshops. This list below represents the workshops offered in the 2004-2005 academic year. Workshops are often offered multiple times through the course of the year. All incoming students will be provided with a brochure and schedule of workshops for the upcoming year.

Behavioral Interviewing - Chances are your next interview will be a behavioral one. Many Fortune 500 companies, as well as public and private firms of all sizes, consider behavioral interviewing to be the most accurate predictor of a candidate's potential for job success. In this workshop, you will learn what you need to know to succeed in your next behavioral interview.

Booz Allen Hamilton Crack a Case - This session, presented by representatives from Booz Allen Hamilton, is designed to help you learn how to prepare for case questions, which are now common in many types of interviews. The overview will assist you in developing a strategy in practicing for future case interview success.

Cover Letters - Write cover letters that get attention! We will discuss the role of the cover letter, what it should include (and NOT include) and how to catch employers' attention before they move to your resume. Other types of job search correspondences will also be covered.

Creating a Career Marketing Plan - This interactive workshop, presented by a representative from Next Step Partners, applies the framework of a business-marketing plan to managing a business career. In today's business climate, it is vital you think proactively about your career to create rewarding opportunities. This workshop includes interactive exercises, marketing frameworks, and practical tools that enourage you to think strategically about your career management and building your professional brand. During the workshop, you will begin to create a draft plan by defining your targeted next role and responsibilities, describing your brand identity today and in the future, and articulating your current market position.

EASE Overview - This workshop will be an overview of the EASE system, the COC's web-based platform for managing the recruiting process. Descriptions of how to use EASE to apply for jobs and internships, research companies, review the recruiting calendar, complete your profile and other common functions will be provided.

Ethics/Code of Conduct - To register with the COC, all students are required to sign our code of conduct statement, which clearly outlines our ethical expectations. This session explains these policies, specifically focusing on why they are in place, and describes real-life situations that have occurred between students and employers to ensure that you are prepared to handle potentially challenging situations within your job search.

Etiquette/Networking - This session, presented by Jonna Martin, Founder and Managing Director of AdvanceMe Associates, is designed to offer practical tips on how to improve your professional image. The intricacies of business and social etiquette, including networking, will be explained, outlining clear examples of the proper etiquette for a number of common situations.

Evaluating/Negotiating Offers - With a job offer comes a salary package. Before responding, be sure to attend this workshop to understand how to objectively evaluate your offer as well as to determine what factors you should consider if you decide to negotiate.

Getting to Wall Street - Join this alumni panel as they discuss their jobs on Wall Street, providing an overview of the strategies they used for job search success. Learn how to network on Wall Street, interviewing techniques and other valuable advice.

International Student Job Search - The first step in designing an effective job search strategy which will lead to employment in the United States is to clearly understand the setting in which you are operating. You are likely to find job-hunting in the U.S. a different process. This workshop is designed to assist international students in a successful job search as well as introduce them to effective resources specific to international students.

Interviewing Tips - Concerned about what you're going to be asked during an interview? Not sure what to wear? Unclear about the types of interviews and what skills employers seek? This workshop will address these issues as well as a number of others related to general interview preparation.

Mentoring - The benefits of having a good relationship with a mentor are widely recognized. How can students handle such relationships to optimize these benefits? Come hear a panel of experts speak on good practices for managing a mentoring relationship. Although this workshop is open to all students, plan to attend if you intend to participate in the COC's Mentor Program.

Mixing and Mingling Reception/Etiquette Dinner - This event will provide you with the skills necessary for a successful lunch/dinner with a potential employer. Learn how to mingle with employers at a pre-dinner reception as well as how to order off the menu, eat properly, which utensils are for which meal items and how to appear confident and comfortable.

Mock Interview Blitz - This workshop is for all students that will be seeking internships for the coming summer to see what it is like to interview at the COC. Practice your interviewing skills by participating in a mock interview with an employee/professional/colleague. This is an important way to learn about your strengths and limitations when it comes to interviewing.

Networking - Making contacts with people in the field you are interested in is more important than ever. Networking with alums, conducting informational interviews, attending corporate presentations and learning how to locate contacts that can be important sources of career information will be covered.

Optimizing the Internship - What can you do to make sure it is a promising and rewarding experience? This workshop will highlight everything from how to network effectively within the company to what types of activities will help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Be sure and get the "inside scoop" on making your experience work for you.

Resume Writing - Whether you have a resume and would like suggestions for improving it or aren't sure where to begin, this workshop is for you. Topics include: The role of the resume, structuring your information properly and tips on describing your skills and experiences in ways recruiters want to see.

Resume Writing Blitz - This event is for all students who will be seeking internships for the coming summer. It is an easy way to have a rough draft of your resume reviewed by a second-year student, COC staff member, alumnus or member of the local business community.
Thanks Chris,
CMU has great resource and manpower to run these useful workshops. For 60K+ you pay for CMU's tuition, the cost to run these workshops is pocket change. An advantadge of being in our program is direct access to the Director of the program. His willingness to go extra miles to improve student's quality of life, education should be taken into account.

Prof. Stefanica will plan some workshop for us. One will be resume writing workshop offered in Sept. Another will be mock interview sessions which he has mentioned repeatedly during the refresher course.

Also, there are several workshops at the Subotnick Financial Services Center where no other MFE program can duplicate.

Being in our program means the sky is the limit. We are very supportive of one another and self-sufficient. We can arrange to have our own workshops ran by any student who feels he has something to offer. For example, I'm planning to have a Matlab workshop for everyone interested in learning how to use the software to automate some part of the tedious calculations, bond pricing, Black-Scholes model testing,etc
Another one could be Latex workshop where i can show people how to use features on QN, how to post mathematical equations on the forum, or taking note with latex.
I'm sure some of you will like to offer some kind of workshop in VBA,Excel, SAS, ...and I'm sure will be one to sign up.

That said, the quality of the program is not determined by what the school teachs you, but by how much you want to learn.
This is just my opinion, envision and I hope to make these happen while I'm still in the program.