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Collaboration on Automated Trading Program

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I've been looking for experienced daytraders who also know how to code very well (ideally locally in SF but online works too). I'm interested in collaborating on the development of a fully automated swing-trading program I built about a couple years ago called Tech Trader (http://www.pftq.com/techtrader/). It's a little less quant/stat and more on the chart/technicals side as far trading style goes.

The program is a compact backtesting and algorithmic trading platform I built primarily for myself to automate my technical analysis. As of 2014, the more primitive strategies I have on it have made 50% (publicly tracked on my Virtual Trading System) since I launched it a year ago, fully automated and hands off. That matches results from the backtests it also ran on a history of 10 years' data.

Its strength is its rich graphical user interface (GUI) and interactive charts to help visualize and develop approaches like Technical Analysis, where such visualization is key. It can run entire universes of thousands of stocks simultaneously on any time frame and on any combination of strategies to build a portfolio. Performance for both individual stocks and comprehensive portfolio simulations is then exportable to CSV complete with analytics such as sharpe, hit ratio, average holding period, and more.

Here's a simple example of it running automated trendline trading on SPY in backtest:

Example of the detail you get from portfolio backtesting results:

If anyone's interested in this sort of thing, just let me know here or at pftq.com/contact. If you're interested in trying out the program, that's fine too, but I'm mainly looking for co-developers/traders looking to team up.
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