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College and Career Path

Hi, i was wondering if you could help me with my life. I'm thinking about dual major [Applied Math, Finance] at MIT, MSCF at the nyc part of carnegie mellon, and then I would like to get a phd from columbia but I'm not sure what to study that would be best to become an algorithmic trader. Any suggestions? Is it reasonable to believe that I might get a job as an algorithmic trader?
For algorithmic trading skip the finance degree (read a few books to teach yourself finance) and get a dual major in applied math and computer science. Depending on what you want to get your PhD in, doing the MSCF may not help you because it is a professional degree and not a research degree preparing you for doing a PhD.

Yike Lu

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With CS/Applied math (probably the two most practical technical majors in this day and age) dual from MIT and an intense interest in the field, I'd expect you can go straight into trading, so I would try for that before thinking about MSCF and PhD.