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College majors

Does any one know any universities/colleges that offer finance and maths/applied maths double majors or finance major and maths/applied maths minor at bachelors level. Also, which subject would be preferred - applied maths or maths if i want to do masters in quantitative finance? Plz help.
Reply ASAP. Thank U
Thanks. Just one more thing. Which of the following will be preferred as a bachelors degree if i want to do masters in quantitative finance - BS of quantitative finance at an average university or bachelors in finance and maths(or maths as minor) at a good university?
At hopkins applied math and math are separate departments. Math is in the arts&sciences school while applied math is in the engineering school
@ eurozan - i dont like maths that much so what should i do? wouldn't finance with maths minor do? And if i want to do maths and finance majors do i apply for both at once or apply for finance and then if my credits are enough i can do double majors or if my grades are good enough then i can apply for a second major? Plz reply ASAP.
boneil - So if i want to do quant finance masters then at bachelors which one should i do - maths or applied maths? Thanks a lot. Plz reply ASAP


Ting Ting
If you don't like math that much, then I am not sure if Quant finance is for you.
If you decide to do a double major, you don't have to start both right away but sooner is better than later, otherwise course prerequisites can hurt you later. Whatever you decide once you are at your university, take some time at the beginning to plan out or at least get a general idea of what courses you want to take and when you will take them.


Math Student
SYau - i dont hate maths. I really like calculus, integration and stuff. But i hate vectors and all. S0?

Then you should definitely not major in math. You'll see vectors in numerous courses after first year, including linear algebra, multivariable calculus, differential equations, etc.
SYau - i dont hate maths. I really like calculus, integration and stuff. But i hate vectors and all. S0?

Then quant finance is most definitely not for you.

Financial data are vectors and matrices. There is no other way to put it. For example, Google's daily close? That's a vector. Statistics, at its root, is linear algebra, vectors, and matrices out the wazoo.

Quant finance is built upon observed data (aka statistics), the math of which are vectors and matrices.
Then do a full major in applied mathematics. You don't need to take an algebra class, necessarily

There aren't many Algebra classes as in groups, rings, and fields but Linear Alg comes into play a lot. If you want to take functional analysis, you will have to have some background in Algebra.
SYau - i dont hate maths. I really like calculus, integration and stuff. But i hate vectors and all. S0?
I doubt you really hate them, even though you might feel like that now; I would bet money that you just had a bad experience with a calc 3 or linear algebra professor or textbook.

On deeper level: at your age, there's no way you know yourself as well as you currently think you do. You'll do well to learn to appreciate different kinds of beauty, and not just in mathematics or applied quantitative fields, even if that's where you start.
Thnx a lot everyone. I m planning on doing double majors in finance and computer sciences with selective courses in mathematics. Where should i apply? Please help