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Columbia MAFN Vs Rutgers MQF

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by Madhu sudhan, 5/25/18.

  1. Madhu sudhan

    Madhu sudhan New Member

    I am an International student with admits from Rutgers MQF and Columbia MAFN. I am a facing a serious dilemma in choosing between the two.

    In terms of career goals, I am more interested in a career in quantitative buy side. In terms of background I am an Engineer and hold a MBA with close to 6 years of experience in Investment Banking.

    Rutgers has a more favorable curriculum, a structured 1.5 year program with a decent brand and an alum network.

    Columbia has a much bigger brand, better location but the course is very theoretical and is more expensive (90k vs 60k).

    Any comments would help.
  2. TehRaio

    TehRaio Active Member

    list the things that are important for you which you expect to gain from a MFE program.
  3. Madhu sudhan

    Madhu sudhan New Member

    Thanks for replying, the key things that I want to gain out of the program is the following,
    1. Practically oriented program which provides me good background across finance, math/quant, data analysis and programming.
    2. Good alumni network/brand
    3. Decent career services which can be leveraged during job search
  4. mhy

    mhy Active Member

    IMO: Rutgers will give you 1 & 3. Columbia will give you 2.

    Columbia brand >>> Rutgers
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  5. Madhu sudhan

    Madhu sudhan New Member

    Given these, which program do you think will provide better employment outcome (relatively)?
  6. mhy

    mhy Active Member

    IMO: If you want to get into front office, you have a much better shot at Columbia. But if you just want any job, perhaps the Rutgers career services gives you an edge.

    Go on LinkedIn and search for alumni from both schools and what they are doing now. Should give you a sense of the career prospects after each program. I don't think many people from Rutgers MQF get into the front office.
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