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Columbia Masters in Financial Economics

Hi all,
Does anyone know what the post-application submission timeline is like for this program? I remember reading that there's an interview at some point, but couldn't find anything about when applicants generally find out about it
nothing on my end, guessing we will hear about interviews sometime this or next week (if they are doing them)
Nothing on my end, guessing interview invites (if they're doing them) will be sometime this week (or next week at the latest) given that last year people had been interviewed over the weekend prior to the 18th of feb.
Nothing on my end again :^), even if I don't get an interview I just wanna know- I'll have heard from all the schools I applied to that administer interviews by tomorrow besides for this program, the lack of information available online is truly frustrating
Yeah still nothing on my end. Not sure how long this process can drag on as most applicants will surely have accepted an offer by mid-march. I would think we'll get some updates next week at the latest.