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Columbia MFE Columbia MFE 2018 Applications

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by Trilok Kumar Yadav, 2/2/18.

  1. Hi All, starting the thread for Columbia MFE 2018 appilcation.
    Has anyone received invites about interview yet? It's been almost a month since the deadline.
  2. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    I haven't received yet.
  3. Lily L

    Lily L Member
      C++ Level 9

    not yet!
  4. HowDerivativeKL

      C++ Certified

  5. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    Trilok, if I haven't received it, no one else would have. My CV is amazing. I am going to make it to Columbia, NYU, CMU.

    So relax, I'll keep you posted.
  6. Matt A

    Matt A New Member

    Did you apply to Columbia mafn? Have you heard anything yet? Thanks!
  7. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    I have applied to Columbia MFE. Have got an interview invite now.

    Who else got it?
  8. Received the interview invite. But it is valid only till tomorrow. Please update if anyone has taken the interview
  9. Kefan Xiong

    Kefan Xiong Member
      C++ Certified

    nope, good luck, guys.
  10. Lily L

    Lily L Member
      C++ Level 9

    you mean they only give you a one day notice for interviews? are you interviewing with a faculty or student? thanks!
  11. It is an online interview, i haven't seen the link yet. Last time it was about recording answers to some 5 questions.
  12. Lily L

    Lily L Member
      C++ Level 9

    good luck!
  13. Arijit

    Arijit New Member

    Received the interview invite. Does anyone have the list of the 5 questions from last year?
    Nikhil Vijay likes this.
  14. Nikhil Vijay

    Nikhil Vijay New Member

    #14 Nikhil Vijay, 2/6/18
    Last edited: 2/6/18
  15. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    Will share by tomorrow morning.

    Nikhil did you get the invite?

    Is it Arijit, Trilok, Nikhil and me so far from this post?
    #15 Geekynoob, 2/6/18
    Last edited: 2/6/18
  16. Rishabh Ladha

    Rishabh Ladha New Member

    Got an invite. Is it the first round of invites?
  17. pushkark

    pushkark New Member

    I guess everyone who applied has an invite.
  18. Jose Cespedes

    Jose Cespedes Member
      C++ Level 1

    This is incorrect. I applied and haven't received the interview invite.

    Good luck everyone!
  19. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    Seems like only Indians have received invite. Arijit, Trilok, Rishabh, Pushkar..
  20. tradertanny

    tradertanny New Member

    did not receive
    Good luck to all those , who got invite
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