COMPARE Columbia MFE vs NYU Tandon MFE

Hello everyone,

I have been admitted to both Columbia MFE and NYU Tandon and I am having difficulty deciding between the two. NYU offered me a 1/3 tuition scholarship and I also like its location and wide variety of courses to take. However, the prestige of Columbia cannot be denied and may be better for me long term despite being more expensive. I am a domestic student.

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Me personally, all other things being equal, I would take Columbia Financial Engineering no question. Columbia MFE is a premier program, whereas Tandon FRE compares unfavorably to NYU Courant Mathematics in Finance and NYU Stern MBA.
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Columbia MFE is a tier 1 program Which has a good track record. It’s a top school no doubt you should go for it
By the way, do you mind posting some info about your background?
Sure! I’m a current senior undergraduate at a small US school math major, econ minor. GPA 3.96 GRE Q:167 V:158. I don’t have any internship experience but I did complete two pure math research projects (REU). I also have good personal relationships with my letter writers which I think was a big help.
Wait when you say MFE do you mean the one in the IEOR department - Financial Engineering ? Or the one in the Business School - Financial Economics