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Comparison: Cornell MFE and Columbia MSFE

Hi, Could someone provide more insights of these two programs? I'm interested in becoming a quant researcher/analyst or quant trader after graduation, so I would like to know which of these programs can provide me with more opportunities in these fields?
As a previous post mentioned, many praise of Columbia's MSFE is about it's superior location in NYC. However, since Cornell also have CFEM(NYC campus), will its location be comparable to Columbia's?
I'm looking for quant researcher/analyst/trader roles at buy side HFs(like 2 sigma, Citadel, etc.) or large banks(Citi, Goldman, MS, JPM, etc.). Which of these programs could prepare me better and have a higher chance of placing students in these companies? (I deeply understand getting into these companies is very hard. So I'm asking about the relative strength of these two programs). Thanks for any input!