Comparison of UCB Meng ieor and NYU Courant MathFin Program

Hello guys, I just recently received offers from UCB ieor fintech track and NYU Courant mathfin. Wondering which one would provide a better job preparation.

UCB IEOR - Pro: great location for tech related work, courses are similar to mfe and mathfin, good employment stats (according to the number provided by school)
Con: Class size is about 100, lower bar for admission??

NYU Courant MathFin - Pro: great location for quant or finance related work, smaller class size (about 50),
Con: employment stats unknown, dropped significantly on quantnet's ranking (which is probably a punishment of being too real hhhh), expensive since no scholarships at all.

Eventually I want to work in the field of quant. However, since it is getting harder and harder to directly find a job relating to quant after graduation (pretty much true for all majors). I am thinking about get a job in the field of ds or ml. Thus, in my oppinion, I think ucb is a better candidate for securing a job after graduation.

Thanks you all very much!