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Cornell FE Cornell FE 2014 Admissions Thread

Hi Cornell hopefuls,
I applied for the Cornell program pretty late and my application was complete well past the deadline...Any idea if this can affect the admission decision?

Secondly, I received a mail saying that my application for Knight scholarship is being considered and the results will be out by middle of march. Has everyone received this mail? Or does it mean that my application has reached an advanced stage as of now?

Please chip in with your updates ppl. The wait is killing us all. :eek::eek::eek:


New Member
I did receive this mail too. According to the tracker updates of previous years, next round of interviews(if any)/admits would start coming in soon.

I was told by my seniors "earlier the better" approach but it has not worked for me so far. BTW, due to some glitch university did not receive my GRE/TOEFL scores and once I had shared the transaction details with ETS they updated on 17th Jan for score reports. Will it be affecting decision ?
Well they won't consider the application unless its complete. So the mail for Knight scholarship indicates that they have started reading our application now. Rest assured, our applications have been considered and the results will come, albeit a little late.
Is it true that only the interviewed candidates are admitted?
Same situation here. I submitted my full application way before deadline. It's weird that they just started reading my application. Is there any possibility that it means we are already accepted??
Hi folks,
I got a decision today redirecting me to Applied Operations Research. Dunno what it's like, but it seems like the MSOR of Columbia. Sincerely waiting for more decisions.


New Member
Can anybody share updates on Cornell .Any hopes on making it to Cornell now? Did anybody receive updates on the knight scholarship (intimation date was middle of march based on the last mail sent in starting of March ). I have not received updates apart from it in last 120 odd days. Its getting quiet frustrating now :unsure:.
Hi guys
I applied for industrial engg. Since FE and Industrial come under same department I thought it will be helpful.
I got a mail from Kathryn saying my application is in waitlist. Decision will be out by april 15
Any one on the same boat?