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Which one to pick

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I received Cornell, Tandon MFE and Columbia MAFN admission recently, but I don't know which one to choose.
I want do some quant jobs in US after graduation even though it's not easy for all these three programs.
Anyway, I want some suggestions from others. Thank you so much!
Here are my pros and cons for each program:

1. Cornell
Pros: Career service and placement is good but I've heard that the majority of work after grad are relevant to risks; A certification of financial data science could be attained; Proper cohort size
Cons: Location (inconvenienct for living, transportation, interviews); No extra C++ course (I may have to learn C++ if I want to be a quant)

2. NYU Tandon
Pros: Location; Peter Carr and Sarah are making this program better and better; Dedicated career service (I don't know if it's better than Cornell's); Lower tuition (fellowship counted)
Cons: If I couldn't find a job in US, I might go back to China in which case Tandon may be not so competitive to Cornell and Columbia. Large cohort size (less resources shared to everyone and more competition with peers in the same program); I heard that the curricula incline to finance, not so tech (regarding maths and programming).

3. Columbia MAFN
Pros: Location; Brand name
Cons: Hard curricula (less time on job hunting); Fierce competition among similar programs in Columbia (MFE, MAFN, OR, STAT); Little career service

I'm struggling with this dilemma. Thank anyone giving some other information or advice!
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