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Couple Quick questions on MFE Application

Hi, I am a new to the site. Just want to introduce myself quickly

I am a senior from a big state university with a finance major and is currently applying to mfe programs starting in fall 2011. I have a very strong finance background with adequate math skills plus limited programming knowledge at this point.(just started learning). I am applying to mfe because I believe a top mfe program can help me becoming a successful fixed income investor.

first question: I have one more semester left, I can either get an additional major in Economics + a certificate in mathematics or just Applied mathematics Major.(my school doesn't allow me to get two majors outside of business school, so getting both economics and math is impossible) I was wondering which path should I take to have a higher chance being admitted to a top mfe program.

Second Question: my gre score isn't impressive, 490 verbal, 800 quant, 3.5 aw. I plan on taking it again in January, I am certain I can improve my verbal and analytical wring score. However, I was wondering If I should spend my winter break studying for GRE or just focus on programming language such as C++ or matlab.( I am a quick learner, and already have a project lined up that requires C++)

Thank you for your advises.

Joy Pathak

Get the applied Math major instead of economics. The Finance + Applied Math will look appealing I would assume to ad-coms. The GRE Score is fine. 800 quant is primarily all that matters. No need to re-take it. Focus on taking programming courses and learning the languages. C++ would be just fine. Matlab in my opinion would be a good addition too, but focus primarily on C++ and the math courses.