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NYU MSMF Courant Math Finance Admissions Update

Just wanted to let you all know what's going on:

1) As you can already tell, we didn't successfully make all of our decisions by March 15. We will be sending out decisions as quickly as we can. The target date is the end of March, but it may go a little beyond that.

2) If you are admitted into a competing program but would prefer our program, please send an email to mathfinapp@cims.nyu.edu with the other program's admissions letter, including the deadline by which you have to respond, attached.

3) We are in fact still willing to accept late applications. If you are still interested, please apply as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here or send an email to mathfinapp@cims.nyu.edu.

No matter which program you choose, good luck to you all!
Hello. If I send a competing offer to you,does that mean it will enhance my probability of getting into your program or facilitating your decision process?
What is a competing program? Is the CFRM program of Washington a competing program? Or let's say the top 10 programs in QuantNet ranking.
What @chintanpatel said is right. We will look at your application and respond before the other program's deadline with our decision. The other offer otherwise has no impact on our evaluation of your application.
Hi, I am still waiting for the decision. Is there an expected deadline for the result to be released?