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Cover letter examples

A google search for "Cover letter quantitative analyst examples" does appear to be very helpfull. Does anybody know if it is possible to see some examples of cover letters for quant positions in banks? It doesn't matter what kind of quantitative roles but I am applying for positions within risk models and derivative pricing.

I feel I am in that point of my job search where I don't have any inspiration to write these cover letters. I have read a lot about HOW to write a good one, so I looking for examples where the the candidates have been called in for a interview.
What's one thing you did in your program of study that you thoroughly enjoyed, could talk days about, and may not have listed in full, or at all on your resume/CV? That becomes something to mention in your cover letter. A second thing you should mention in your cover letter, is something that is impossible to put in your resume - some information about the company you're applying to. This should be unique enough, that someone reading would assume you got it by reading their website, or checking some other info. As such, "company values" tend to be carbon-copies of one another, and might not be good to use.

After these two things, it's just an intro and a thank you. I personally think cover letters shouldn't go much beyodg 1/2 page, but find some guidelines on it. Also, if there is anything weird about your or your situation, that could be misconstrued, cover letter could potentially be a place to call it out, and not let it be a dis qualifier. E.g. -"I'm from country A, but live with my relatives here in country B." -"I'm flying to/moving to location X on this date." etc