CPT/Pre-completion OPT for Physics PhD student


I have received a strats internship offer from a BB IB and have accepted it. I am worried about getting a CPT/Pre-completion OPT, however.

Since the pre-completion OPT has to go through government channels, I am worried about getting EAD back in time (assuming my university doesn't cause any problems prior to that). Therefore, I'd like to go through the CPT route ideally.

I am an international Physics PhD student, however, and my university wants the job to be related to or be directly useful in my research (theoretical particle physics). My advisor is kind and is willing to help (through his approval letter) but the university would still have to approve my application. Has anyone successfully navigated such a situation before? If yes, can you please help?

I have worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances over the past year and I don't want this to be a barrier in my career plans.