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Crop Circles

From the download-able file extract executable EXSAN to your desktop, The very first time ExSan is executed it will create the default input/output directory c:\exsan In order to access this directory START / RUN and type-in c:\exsan All data files included must be extracted to c:\exsan
more PixSan Images ---> Link

                                               Tue Dec 16 06:02:47 2008
    EXSAN v3.18.M - [EMAIL="exsan.software@gmail.com"]exsan.software@gmail.com[/EMAIL]   [EMAIL="exsan@uio.satnet.net"]exsan@uio.satnet.net[/EMAIL]
    E X S A N     M E N U
  5 Crop Circles
    [URL="http://picasaweb.google.es/pixsan"]Picasa - pixsan@gmail.com[/URL]
    PixSan Crop Circles Master Output Image File : c:\exsan\CropCircles_zkib__0000.bmp
    Your lucky number ---> 15
    Gallery Grid:   1 Traditional
    Objec:   1 Balls
    E X S A N     M E N U
  0 Exit From   E X S A N 
    EXSAN v3.18.M - [EMAIL="exsan.software@gmail.com"]exsan.software@gmail.com[/EMAIL]   [EMAIL="exsan@uio.satnet.net"]exsan@uio.satnet.net[/EMAIL]
    Once in a while recycle  unwanted files from c:\exsan\ 
    EXIT FROM EXSAN                            Tue Dec 16 06:04:35 2008


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  • CropCircles02.JPG
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  • CropCircles01.JPG
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