Current Buy-Side Quant Researcher in Part-Time MFE Program

I do alpha-signal research in HF and am enrolled into a top 10 MFE program as a part-time student. I have a BA in Econ from a top 10 US undergrad. Should I continue my MFE degree? I know it's usually the other way around, but for me the timing got mixed up and I ended up pursuing both paths.

I do feel like I'm learning useful knowledge from the MFE degree, but I do feel quite some materials are not as new as I have exposure through experience. The MFE program feels like a net plus all-in-all though (a bit more stats/ML) and think it could add a pedigree that could be useful as I progress in my career.

On the downside, it does take a way a good chunk of my energy/time from my full-time job though and I do wonder if having an MFE degree would really make a difference in the long-term.

Would love to get opinions from seasoned quants. Thank you!
Out of interest, do you have some examples of new materials you've encountered through experience, but which you don't find covered in your MFE curriculum?