Debating internship offers

Hi, I am currently debating between two internship offers and would love to receive any sort of input from you guys.
(1) Quant Risk Management at BB
(2) Commodity Trading at ABCD (ag physical)

It seems like the QRM group is separate from the front office quant group, but the pay seems pretty competitive and a lot of the people that work in this function seem to be math/physics phd holders.

FWIW: I have prior internships in prop trading firms think CTC/Akuna level and at a AM.

Overall, what is everyone's impression on the QRM role at a BB? Also how possible is it to internally transfer (or recruit full time within) to trading or more front office work? I'm also interested in commodities (mostly energy) so I'm not sure which internship would help me recruit for FT at energy trading firms. (Also the internship comp of (1) is double that of (2)). Thanks