Debating Next Steps


I am currently considering my options, and need input on education alternatives.

Some background on me - my undergraduate background is in computer science (from a state school, FWIW), and next semester I will be finishing my masters degree in mathematics (from a reputable institution, FWIW). I have quite a bit of background in probability, including stochastic analysis, and any other mathematics and computer science requisite for quantitative finance (the academic part of things). Perhaps to answer the obvious - I am having no luck landing interviews, let alone jobs in quant finance, and the little interviews I do get are for glorified programming positions. I am looking to continue to a second masters degree to get a background in finance (the variety of instruments, and trading strategies), as well as formalize my grounding in quant finance, and familiarize myself with wall street.

There is a very good financial mathematics program at the institution I am currently enrolled in, but I am considering the MSCF program at CMU, and the MS of Finance at Princeton.

I am looking to get your thoughts on the matter - anything will do. What do you think about my circumstance? Feel free to propose other programs, and let me know what you think about the two I mentioned, and why you prefer one over the other (or a third option), if you do.

As a side note, in your opinion, is the outlook on quant finance looking into the 5-10 years horizon, as lucrative as it is today, and used to be in the past?