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Decision: Apply next year or Try my luck this year?

Should I apply in next year?

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Hi there,

I have the plan to apply for the top 10 quant program. I am from business background with a minor in computer science. My math background is rather weak.

I plan to take two more computer science courses in the next semester. Probably they will be an intermediate algorithm course and an intermediate computer organisation course. My options are open here. Any recommendations are much appreciated. What will be the type of computer science courses that add on my advantage in the field of financial engineering?

While I am quite confident in my learning ability (currently), I believe I will obtain average A grade for all courses mentioned above. I am now facing a decision. Should I try my luck to apply for top10 programs in MFE now? Or, should I complete my last semester first and do the application in next year?

You see, I am gradually building up a foundation of math and programming towards financial engineering. But my math is barely adequate, I am afraid that I will be not competitive for top10 quant program at all. If the chance is minimal, I would not bother applying this year LOL. Though I got a decent cumulative GPA at around 4.0 out of 4.3 and a decent GRE at 329 (Q:169; V:160), I am still in doubt.

Some more background information: I am currently studying at a university (world ranking: top100). I did 1 year IT consulting internship at big 4. I participated in building up a product recommender system for a bank. Some machine learning experience involved but limited.

May I borrow your wisdom to do a better decision? Any advice are welcome. Thanks.
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