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Department head says job is boring

What do you do when the department head says most projects and the job is boring while interviewing you?
Has anyone had this said to them? I guess at least he was honest compared to all those that lie.
Possible, but the ones interviewing really seemed bored or at least unexcited about their work.
What would such a test reveal?


Quant Headhunter
My first thought was the same as Connor's, that this was what I tend to call "cage rattling", but if the team are bored then it seems to be a genuinely boring job. Is this Model Validation / Risk ?
I would run and run fast - 2 things come to mind:
- they are indeed bored
- you are not welcome, if it's a boring job but they want you they will never ever tell something bad about this position

It either case it's not worth a further discussion.


Quant Headhunter
That's a good point KaiRu, they may be interviewing you because of some internal politics that say they must.

Diego Calderon

Grad Student
I would probably answer with a comment close to "I actually find what XYZ department does to be quite interesting (go into some details about what they do and how that interests you)...I'm also known for finding new ways to look at a problem that improve upon current methodologies, so as long as I'm kept busy, I find it very unlikely that I will be bored"

you might also throw in that you see it as an opportunity to learn and would be quite happy.

Or KaiRu is correct, and you will be bored, but at least you could use the job as a paycheck while you look for another job.