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Desk Quant Analyst - Squarepoint Capital Montreal

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has information regarding this role and whether this is a good place to start a career in Quant Research? Are there any major buy-side shops in Canada or any options if I want to exit the firm? I am an incoming CS graduate who had experience mainly in big tech and wants to break into the Quant space. From what I understand, this role is basically a 3-year junior quant researcher program. The responsibilities are:

  • Maintain and upgrade the codebase and configuration of strategies within the firm’s automated trading framework.
  • Manage large datasets used in both research and production environments.
  • Perform live as well as historical monitoring of trading activities. For instance, do some post-trade analysis or production reconciliation.
  • Work in close collaboration with quant researchers and traders to understand the constantly evolving needs of the trading desks

After 3 years, the internal exit is to either become a full-on quant researcher or senior quant analyst (same thing but work on bigger collaboration projects). Appreciate every input!
I have a friend who had an interview there (Montreal-based). I could potentially help out. DM me.
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