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Directions needed! College courses for a career in quant. research/algo trading?

I am currently compiling a list of undergrad courses to take in college which would help in quant research/modelling/trading work and would like some input :) I will be doing a double major in computer science and statistics.

Comp. Sci.:
Operating Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science

Probability & Statistics (Grad. Level)
Stochastic Processes
Time Series
Game Theory
Probability Theory

Linear Algebra (2 semesters)
Real Analysis (1 sem.)
Numerical Analysis (2 sem.)

Are there any important topics missing from my list? Or are there any courses I should remove from the list? Finally, in the event that I do not get to study all of them, which are the courses I should prioritize?

Thank you! :D
I am really more interested in the computer science side of things. But I thought some statistics/math would be a good complement, especially in certain areas of artificial intelligence such as machine learning which I intend to do a MS in CS on.

With my current list, there is no space for additional finance/econs courses. I will have to leave those for independent learning/ reading of textbooks. However I've heard that most of the finance knowledge required is acquired "on the job" so skipping these in college won't constitute too much of a weakness right? A-Level economics has given me a college level introduction to the subject so I think I can work from there. Should I substitute one of the courses in my list for a semester of econometrics?

By focusing my interests, are you suggesting that I simply concentrate on either CS or stat/math but not both?
if you're looking for quant/research/modelling, then focus more on math/stats and exclusively on C++ programming.

if you're looking for algo trading, then focus less on the math (maybe just a course in probability/stats) and focus exclusively on computer science (esp. threading, optimization)

For algo trading, if you want to be a developer then it's probably 90% computer science and 10% math, just keep that in mind.