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Do I Fit in Quant Finance? Too old?


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Hi there guys,
First time posting. I've been working in a family business in the services industry since 7 Years. I am 27 years old and I am a passionate of Math and Finance, currently in a German University. After graduating in math from university i would like to go into a MFE. The intellectual stimulation, the mathematical problems and working on projects attract me a lot.

I am very curious, analytical and I have good problem solving skills. I have great communication skills and interpersonal skills and I think I am capable of outlining and presenting complex issues in a simple manner. I would like to talk to smart people and I like to work both independently and within a team. Also, I love to investigate Datas like a Detective to get the answer of the question. But to be honest, I think, I don't fit the mold of a "typical banker". My former coworkers, teachers and my family and friends have confirmed my strengths and weaknesses.

Is a career in Banking or at a (Quant-) HF right for me? Should I pursue an quant research career? Do you think Quant-Funds are still a good long-term-career? Am I too old to become a quant researcher?


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Just throwing this out there, we had conscription in the army, which meant I graduated with bachelors at 24, worked for 3.5years as an actuary before finally breaking into a quant research role in a buy-side fund at 28.

My view has been always - if you are very clear about your goals and work hard towards it, age shouldn't be an issue.


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OP, I know you did pm me about this, but I thought I might say something for the benefit of anybody else worrying about age.

As others have said, age is not an issue.

If there is an issue it is that becoming a quant just requires a fair bit of effort, even if you have a decent rounded skillset of networking/people management and technical ability. When something requires effort people are more prone to misunderstanding what is needed, simple as that.

I've never heard a quant manager complain about junior candidates being too old anyway.

Reality is that what often happens as you get older is that you take on commitments like mortgages and looking after kids or elderly parents etc, which could make breaking into an industry like QF more difficult, but if issues with commitments aren't in your way it can be done. And even if you have such commitments it still can be done.

Also while traits you develop as you get older like being more organised and savvy won't necessarily be game changers in terms of getting selected for a role, if you are more organised and savvy these things will help with wading through the monster prep and networking/turning over stones that will be a big part of breaking into quant finance.

I'd say just respect the size of the challenge - a lot of career changers or newbies underestimate how much effort is required to become a quant.
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There’s a handful of people at my school who are in the same and if not even older age group then you. As long as you think this is what you wanna do why not.