Do i have any chance of getting accepted in ETH/UZH Quantitative Finance program


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Hi all,

I have been working c.1.5 years in Investment Banking as a M&A analyst in a tier 2 bank. I am not thrilled in my current role and that has to do mainly with the lack of the quantitative part in my job (current ratio of qualitative - quantitative is 80-20). I want to eventually work in the asset management industry and I am thinking of applying in the ETH/UZH program. I have already a MSc and a BSc in Finance with 9.3/10 and 6.3/10 respectively (my undergrad GPA really bad). In the US grading system my gpas look like 4/4 and 3/4 based on I have also done a master thesis on the tournament hypothesis in the mutual fund industry which I think it gives some value add to my application. I have done a lot of statistics and econometrics during my studies and I have also done 2 modules in Mathematics and 1 module is stochastic calculus.

Based on my profile do you think I have any chance of getting accepted in the ETH/UZH Quantitative Finance program. What is the item in the application that the admission committee gives the most weight?