Do I stand a chance at CMU MSCF?


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Hi guys -

I'm new to this forum and I haven't really learnt much about the average profiles needed to get into different MFE programs ( and hope I can find past-year advices here in the forum). Wondering if I can get some help from you to see if I should proceed with the application or wait for a year to improve my profile first.

Education: I graduated from a top university in Singapore 4 years ago with a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering (GPA 3.7/4.0) and I'm currently doing a part time master in statistics at the same school. Unfortunately I can't graduate by July 2021 so I'll have to drop it by then. Certified FRM. Passed CFA Level III.

Working: Currently a desk-aligned quantitative developer at a top investment bank working on linear rates pricing tool and risk management models/frameworks. Was a software developer in non-market department for 2 years prior to that.

Application package: GRE Q169 V164 W5.0. A strong recommendation letter from QR, a weak one from ex-manager and another weak one from an I-couldnt-remember-who-you-are professor. Probably can meet basic course requirements (very basic math+programming from bachelor degree and some not-so-bad stats graduate-level courses I'm currently doing).

Besides, I don't know if I should apply for schools like CMU / UCB / Baruch / MIT only or I should try Princeton and Stanford? I heard they have a way stricter selection process and it might not be worthy for me to spend time & effort on their applications if I do not stand a chance at all...

Many thanks!


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Might be relevant for a fellow Singapore university alum: My chance at UCB? Or CMU/MIT

Don't worry too much, just apply to all of the top programs you're interested in. At worst you lose like 150 bucks and experience for subsequent applications, at best you get into Princeton.