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Does a Quantitative Economics master enable a career in Quantitative Finance?


Hey guys,
I am an econ undergraduate student and not sure about what master program to choose. I am considering a career in quantitative finance and I'm aware of the fact that a normal econ backround usually does not enable me to work as a quant. Of course, there are stats or econometrics master programs which would fit. Nevertheless, I am interested in a quantitative economics master program. Here, the "quantitative" is not just an empty phrase - the program is much more quantitative than standard economics masters but, indeed, the quantitative level is below the level of a financial mathematics master.

Do you think that could be an option for me? Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance!

Just in addition: I'm planning to do a PhD anyway.


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I did a programming course (java) but I have to extend my knowledge/skills. Thanks for the advice!
Be very good with data analysis with python, that would help a lot. Know how to handle different types of data and be able to use techniques in ML and DS to transform it to be useful. Strong stats/prob background helps with the job and helps to answer many interview questions that you might face. Also would help to build up a knowledge of financial markets and basic finance and fixed income stuff