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Toronto MathFin Does any one know more details about Toronto MMF?

I received the AD from this program several days ago, but knew very little about this program. What the website tells us is that this program has a very limited class size (30 every year) with a 6% acceptance rate and 100% placement stat. The time until the full employment is 3.5 months. And as for international students, this program is very convenient for them to get the PR(or green card) of Canada. I wonder whether this program really has such a good placement stat? And which companies and which positions will they go to?

The second is although some told me that some big title(like JP Morgan) will come to the director of this program to hire the graduates, the international students without F1 and OPT in US are hard to get the H1B directly yo start their career in US. So if international students come to this program, is it possible for them to come to US, especially NYC, to get internship or start their career?

And does anyone know more about this program? Thank you very much in advance.
The program is quite selective but it's definitely not easy to find US quant roles as an international student in Canada. The demand for quant trading positions in Canada is rather limited compared to New York or Chicago. You can expect to find a decent analyst job at a large Canadian bank or pension fund that pays about 80k CAD if you do well. That said, tuition is cheaper in Toronto and Canada is easier to immigrate to.