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MIT MFin Does anyone in US receive the MIT Round 2 Interview Invite?


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They are coming to south america but just to Santiago, Chile. Since I am in Colombia, Boston might be easier, at least it is a cheaper flight and I will get to meet the campus.


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I received my e-mail on Monday around noon. I am located in the USA. Good luck to everyone else!
Seems like MIT sends out interview invites only on Mondays... Thoughts?
I haven't been paying that much attention but can't find anything to refute this. Seems like they open to internationals first since they have to travel but some US interviews are starting to trickle out. Perhaps they do more competitive students first or they give students a week to sign up and want to see how many slots remain? That is all just conjecture though.

But I guess I'll wait another week. At least with this info. I can stop blindly looking at my email throughout the day or checking my status despite it saying they won't update it. They also have a chat next week so I'm sure we'll learn a bit more where they stand after that.
I skimmed over the MIT chat this morning and most people were there to see where they stood interview wise. They were very adamant that they didn't go by country or region and that they are still reviewing profiles and extend interviews til the end.

Not sure what to make of that. It seems like they give you at least a week and sometimes 2 weeks notice for interviews. So not sure how they'll extend interviews until the 14th. I guess it is just a bit more waiting for now.


Hi All

As an update I received interview invite last night around 10PM.

Born and went to school in Canada for those who are keeping track.