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Does Discrete Math Help?


actuarial piggie
Hi everyone,

Im new. Just started a GradCert maths course to catch up some undergrad maths coursetafter graduated from UNSW Sydney Master of Finance_IB (Average:73/GPA:3.4=:cry:) this year. I also passed level1 CFA but not sure abt level 2 i did 2 months ago ( feel horrible....:cry:)

Getting confused with my subjects this session. I only got 1 course left to finish a grad cert so I chose another 3 maths courses to make up the rest of my time as Im still unemployed. Im kind of interested in discrete math however most math professors do not recommend me to study cuz it make little use in quantitative finance.

Does any one has any opinions on this?/ Should I drop it?

Ps :sos:

Great thanks!
I would say Discrete Math is really not useful in Quant Finance other than maybe it helps in sharpening your brain..Discrete Math is most suited for core CS research/work.


New Member
Some discrete math, I think, will help your algrithmic thinking => designing nontrivial subroutines. But, I'm math-bias.


Quant Headhunter
As Samuel says, it will help you think better about programming which is always good.

But it is not directly relevant, but I think it rarely hurts to do maths that interests you.
The question I have is what are your other options ?


actuarial piggie
My other subjects are Operation Research Modelling; Inro to Sample Survey; Intro to Math Analysis and Multivariable Calculus. The last one is my core and it's all about the proof of theorem.

Eventually I heard some support of doing nonFin-related math. I juz attend the 1st class and i luv it....the version i took is the applications....cryptology.....the other side of the math world to me.........

you're right....i prefer to do sth fun to those stuff i've seen a few times in finance (like regressions& econometric)
as a fresher to FinMath, wt i need is not things that hv direct link to mathfin cuz i know they not gonna help me much......but rather the logic behind and the ability to solve unfamiliar things.

Thx for the great advice! I feel more peace in doin fun but unrelated things now:)