GaTech QCF Early Round Tracker

I submitted the application before the deadline of the early round (Oct 15th). I wonder when we will receive interviews and get informed of final decisions. So I make this post to track the timeline. If anyone receives any update, please share it here! Appreciate.
I too have submitted before the early deadline. However, I don't see that the deadline for which I applied is October 15th. It says May 15th. May 15th was the only option available in the application. Is that the case with others as well?
yes and also in the application review form. However, I have received a mail to confirm the interview date for next week. So I am not sure why it showed May 15th
Yeah, I also received an interview invitation. Probably May 15 is when the final decision is made.
You'll receive your decision before the regular deadline. In case of a waitlist, you might receive the final decision in May.
Otherwise you should know by my mid-Jan
Hey. I am on the same boar as you. I also submitted my application in middle of September and now awaiting any news with regards to further steps. I do not think all people are interviewed basis my research on the forums
I am done with the interview ealier today, I believe Laura said the latest decision for early round will be made by the end of this year, 12/31/2021.
Congratulations to the ones who got admitted.
Is there anybody who has received any notification from the university in the past week? I interviewed on 12th Nov but haven't received the final decision yet.
Hey, I have the same question. I had my interview on November 12 too.
When I looked at last year's forums, it appears GaTech interviews people in batches in November and December.
Is there anyone who had there interview recently?