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Econ or Math Finance

I realize that this is a blog for MFE programs, but I'm curious if anyone has every considered an MS in economics as sound alternative, assuming you had the pre-reqs for both degrees.
You can try to find it by yourself via linkedin, for example. The last thing I've heard is that there are plenty of graduates in trading positions with degree in economics in the City.
NYU offers a standalone MA in Economics, which are not all that common, and also allows you to take up to two electives from the courant school which offers the mathematics of finance degree.
what are the famous schools offering econ degrees, from where people move into trading ?

I think Duke has a decent terminal masters in Econ. I know LSE offers a well-known econ masters program, but I don't know if it's targeted more as a way to signal dedication to potential PhD programs.
for me...#1 it needs to be a part time program in NYC since I'm currently working and they'll pay. In terms of what I'm looking to get out of the degree - a more formal quantitative background (as most of my skills are learned on the job) that lends credibility and also could open up some career options down the road should I choose to leave my current job.