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EDHEC Business School

I'm considering a master in financial markets at EDHEC business school in Nice, France (I believe they also have a campus in Paris and Asia).

I'd really appreciate your thoughts (and suggestions) regarding the chances of getting a job offer once finished for those in late 30's (since my #1 motivation is to get a job offer to work in Europe once finished I'm 39 now).

A BIG Thank to everybody.
I don't know about that program but EDHEC is fairly well ranked/regarded. Location worries me somewhat because most jobs you will be looking at won't be in Nice. But on the plus side it looks like they require you to do an internship in your chosen field which would help.

In my opinion a key aspect of getting a job in continental Europe are languages. The people you will be competing against (in or outside your program) will be conversational/fluent in at least 2-3 languages. I don't know what languages you know now, but this program does require international students to take French courses. German is also a good language to know.

And if you need a visa this could be an issue as well as many countries (UK comes to mind) are reducing the number of work visas they hand out.

You really have to ask yourself what is your edge? What can you offer that the other guy can't? Work experience? Knowledge? Degrees? Languages?

I actually looked at EDHEC for a PhD :)
Connor let me 1st thank you for your reply.
It's a good point the one you raised about location. Do you think that EDHEC is enough well connected to compensate for that?
I'm covered as far as languages and visa, but my worry is age (39 now) and not sure how they will perceive me.
If you could be so kind to send me some info. on the Ph.D. in finance you were considering. It will be much appreciated (not sure what could be the best choice for me: master in fin. eng., MBA, a PhD...)
Thanks in advance :)!
Here's the link for the PhD program: http://www.edhec-risk.com/AIeducation/PhD_Finance?CODE_RUBRIQUE=MP_EN05&LANGUE=1

Masters or PhD is really up to you. I guess it depends on what you want to do. If you just want to be in Europe, then a PhD would allow you to work in industry if you got a job or go the academic route.

But if you are more concerned with working in Europe instead of what you are doing, then depending on your work experience a MBA may offer you more options/opportunities. I think a career switch on top of going over to Europe could be different (but not impossible) to pull off in the current environment.
Hi Mercury,

I hope I can be of some help to you at this late time. I have just graduated from the EDHEC Msc. risk and asset management program (which is now call financial markets) and I am currently interning with the EDHEC risk research institute.

The job market situation in Europe is pretty dismal I would say. It is a definite plus if you could speak french as most companies here requires you to. Hearing from other international student colleagues' experiences, it is quite a challenge especially if your prior work experience is non-finance related. Most of them ended up with internships, unable to secure a full time due to visa-related issues.

In terms of reputation, EDHEC's reputation is good in Europe and catching up internationally.
Sam I really appreciate your time and reply. I wish you the best for your career and I was wondering if from your experience the problem is restricted to students that need a visa or also EU student are unable to secure a job.

Thanks again - much appreciated!