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Elective Help


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hi i will be starting my 3rd yr of computer science at BITS Pilani...i want to take up msfe prog directly after my undergrad... have an av gpa of 8.5/10....

the prob is i spoiled few of my math grades...
calculus -A , linear algebra- B , prob stat -B ,deff eq -C , Graphs and networks -A, manth for comp sci- B
i have a couple of math courses left like opti ,or , num al etc

i have excellent programming grades
c prog 1 -A , c prog 2 - A (finished in top 10 in a batch of 800)

now i have to take up 5 electives..i can either chose between finance electives like

fundamentals of finance
principles of economics
financial mngmnt
securities and portfolio mngmt...
and few others...

or i can take up some advanced mat courses to cover my previous so so grades like...
BITS,Pilani - The Official Home Page

what is the combination that i shud take??
also what other things can i do to boost my profile...



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For the Quant admissions: grades like linear algebra- B , prob stat -B ,diff eq -C are not somethings that look that great.
Subjects like discrete math, graphs are of lesser importance although they show some mathematical ability.

Regarding the course you wish to take, you need to see which two of the options you have mentioned will lead to greater learning in terms of course content, teaching ability of the profs etc..

Certainly if you get an A in advanced differential equations it shows the admissions committee that you are capable of improving and you have some basic sounding of the subjects.

Just remember that MFE admissions generally take your who picture into account math+finance + programming abilities+GPA+GRE etc. -- not merely grades in a couple of subjects.