Entering a Program this Fall

I'm going to be doing Rutgers's MSMF, mainly because I got my undergrad there and I liked the school, and the MSMF program is taught by a much more highly ranked faculty than the MQF program, as the Rutgers Math Department is ranked 21st by USNews and the business school is ranked like 63rd.

I'm a Computer Engineering graduate with High Honors from Rutgers.
GRE 1350 w/ 800 Quant
GMAT: 730 w/ 51 Quant

Also considering applying to NYU next year for a PhD in Applied Mathematics.


MFE Alum
Just as a side note. My undergraduate advisor once told me that it is better to go elsewhere to do a masters degree. His argument was that students need to get familiar with many places :) And yes, the reason I joined the program is patially due to the fact that I got my first M.S. at Baruch and liked it.

I actually had a classmate who got his B.S. at Rutgers (as far as I remember), and is getting his Ph.D. in Florida.