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Entry level role in London

I am 33 and background in Computer Networks (router/firewalls etc) and now made a decision to switch to quant finance. I am going to
do an MSc in Applied Statistics from Birkbeck university in London (starting Sep20) with an aim to apply for Entry level Quantitative researcher/trader role
at quant trading firms in London once I finish my degree. I am guessing I will be taking some form of pay cut when I land my first job in this profession.
Given the current climate, can anyone please advise on what are the entry level salaries like in London for these sort of roles and the progression in the first couple of years ?

From what I know, for traders (if starting as analysts), junior salary may be above 60k£ in most major banks. For Quants, it is more around 80k£ as you start as associate. It may, of course, be far more depending on the firm. The progression really depends on you, but it may be bigger for traders.
If might absolutely be wrong, if someone is more educated than me on this, I'd appreciate to know !