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European (non UK) QF/MFE programs


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I am somewhat older than the typical applicant. I applied to, and was accepted by, my dream school - UZH-ETH, but because of my age I might not be able to get a student visa, which I, as an American, need to study in Switzerland. (My visa request has preliminarily been rejected because of my age.) I understand that, due to the coronavirus, I may defer my studies till fall of 2021, but I still might not be able to martial a strong enough case for the visa.

While I continue to want to study at UZH ETH, it behooves me to apply for 2021 to more than one school.

I would be grateful or any ideas of solid European (non(UK) QF programs. I speak some French and German, probably at low B1 level, so the program would need to be in English.