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Experience with WES (World Education Services)?

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with WES for transcripts verification? Columbia requires all international students whose universities do not send official transcripts electronically to use WES, who would verify the documents and send a report to the university afterward.

According to the fedex tracking info provided by my previous university my documents should've reached them more than 2 weeks ago, but my account info on WES still says that they haven't received the documents. I tried using their contact us form only to hear back a week later that someone has forwarded my inquiry to the relevant department, and that was a week ago. At this point I have absolutely no idea if the package was actually delivered and just waiting to be processed, misdelivered to a wrong address, or even lost somewhere.

I understand that there's covid and all, and I'm probably overthinking this, but Columbia's admission website only provided this option for international universities that don't send transcripts via email. If this process drags on it might affect my course registration for Spring. Has anyone used WES recently? How did it go?