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Extra things that should be done to improve profile.

I am in my last year of engineering in computer science.What extra things i should do to increase my chances into a good financial engineering college.
I'm quite skeptical of professional groups. Unless you know for a fact they have events in your city they're pretty worthless.
You are right to certain degree. If you are in, say Houston, i'm not sure if paying membership fee will do anything to you since most events will happen in NYC, Chicago, etc.
And if you are not the type of person who make the most of our these networking events or professionally benefit from these conferences, it can be very costly (for students).
I am in India. So no such events as such. And Andy u asked me read some of the books.After reading should i write it in my SOP.I have done a few projects in c++.Should I give National Stock Exchange (NSE) certification exams. What else should I add on my resume. Thanx for ur replies Andy.
NSE Examinations are worthless from the point of view of admission considerations. The only way they could help you is some elementary knowledge of finance that you could discuss in your SOP. Mentioning a book or an exam in your SOP is useless. What you can do is describe the aspects of financial markets you were excited to discover in that book or how much further research you have carried about it. If you are aiming for a top MSFE program, I believe you should already be aware of the topics covered by NSE examinations.