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FE question and others.


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I dont know if this is the proper sub section, but I am looking into choices and I was wondering if people could share what made them decide on financial engineering as opposed to some of the closely related fields.

For instance what are the major differences between FE and operations research, industrial engineering, pure financial mathematics, statistics?

What are the differences in school, and what are the differences after, in the job market? Thanks.

Andy Nguyen

The only way you can get a sensible answer to this is to compare the syllabi of the programs you comtemplate attending. Sometimes, the name of a program does not neccesarily reflect the nature of the program.

You may get job A with either degree but some job will require more specific degree, training. For example, you don't study option pricing in Statistics program or Operation Research while you may in Financial Math program.

You have a very broad question and this is the best I can come up with.


MFE Alum
I agree with Andy. You need to look at each individual program: courses offered, contents of couses, etc.
What makes you decide where to go is what you want to do with your degree.
Also, one other advantage of Baruch's MFE is the price.

I'm personally interested in applications of Statistics and Operations Research in Finance. And after studying Stat and OR elsewhere, I'm applying them here at MFE.
In addition, you can take elective courses in Statistics as well as some other disciplines while studying for MFE. This makes the MFE program unique in a sense that you get the Quant core subjects plus you can study any area of your choice.