Baruch MFE Finance prerequisite for the Baruch MFE?


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I'm an engineer who is thinking about applying to the MFE program at Baruch. I noticed that taking a finance class is a prereq for the MFE program. Is that a hard-and-fast prerequisite?

Lauren DeMarco

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I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I was considering taking some math undergraduate classes at Baruch, mainly because if I plan on applying MFE where else better to take some ugrad than Baruch. ANy suggestions? I have taken up to calc II and no computer classes and will graduate may 09 so i'm pretty sure I have to get on top of it now. Also i'm a finance major. Thanks I appreciate any comments or suggestions. :)

Andy Nguyen

Most successful applicants either work in finance or took courses as part of their education. You can still apply without doing either but you'll take your chance.
I took "Intro to Finance to Science Grad students" where I was introduced to options, derivatives, etc so that's how I learn about FE. You can find that courses at many local colleges.

You should make an appointment to see a counselor in the Math dept. They will tell you which courses to take next. I think at Baruch, that person is Prof. Kosygina.


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so what are the chances of a math major ,cs minor right out of undergrad getting accepted?
with only minimal finance courses..(macro,micro, applied macro, corporate finance)

the more i read , the more i think its impossible to be accepted unless i am a finance major or work in the industry for several years.