Financial Data Professional Program


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The CAIA association has established the Financial Data Institute and a Financial Data Professional program for those who are trying to advance their career in FinTech. A link to FDPI

This seems like a great overview of the industry and of the skill set needed. What does everyone think about it?


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not impressed. basically a money grab from a not yet very recognizable organization. for the price of $1000+, u can get a fairly decent escort who does more for u for ur hard earned cash
If a recruiter see that you paid 1k+ to take this exam, I think they're less likely to consider your application, not more.
Golly GEE, if ONLY you could say... I dunno... charge LESS than $1,350 for an obscure test that extremely few recruiters know and even less care about?

CFA institute has earned the clout to justify its extortion; FDP institute (whatever that is, have never heard of it) clearly has not. I've seen dozens and dozens and dozens of job postings asking for CFA, not a single one for FDP.

Next time you want to shill for some obscure test, save the condescending sarcasm when people rightly criticize what a ripoff it is.


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All these credentials are ripoffs. At least this one seems relevant to the future of the industry. other than it being a ripoff, the curriculum does seem extensive.
Yes, ripoff, completely agree.

Being in demand by recruiters (CFA) far outweighs speculation about what might be relevant to the "future of the industry", imo.