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Financial Market career in North Africa

Hi people
i m freshman student from Morocco
i love this field of Finance and i want to make a career , but the problem is that markets here are not as strong as wall street or Tokyo , so what is your advice . i want to be a portfolion manager but i don't know is that going to succeed in a country ful of exterieur debt ??

i want anwsers to clarify the vision

thank you
I'm sure there are still banks and investment firms that you can do an internship or work at to get some experience. You may also consider the possibility of doing a masters program either in Europe or the US (after a few years of work experience would be my recommendation).

We can't predict the future so no telling how things will be in 5-10 years.

Important thing for you now is focusing on your studies to get good grades and hopefully getting a few good internships.